venerdì, marzo 24, 2006

Human Growth in Sickness and in Health

Plenary lectures from the 10th International Congress of Auxology
Editors: Ivan Nicoletti, Lawrence M. Schell and Giulio Gilli

Il volume contiene il testo completo delle letture di:
E. Boncinelli Homebox genes in development
R.J. Rona The contribution of Auxology to the study of the aetiology of diseases
L.M. Schell, M. Denham, M. Schneberger, N. Codru Modern urbanism and human growth
H. Lejarraga, D. Kelmansky The handling of data on psychomotor development
Edizioni Centro studi auxologici/Nicomp LE, Firenze, 2006, pp 109, € 16